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National R&D projects

게시판 리스트
Year Description
  • Development of Output Filter of Pulse Width Modulated Power Converter
  • Completed "Smart Renewable Interoperability Performance Test Site" at Jeju Smart Grid
  • Development of "Development of KSTAR power system non-constant harmonic elimination device"
  • Developed "Hybrid Active Power Filter" for traffic system efficiency project
  • Developed "Smart Renewable Active Filter" in Jeju Smart Grid Demonstration Complex
  • Developed Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation System (dSVC) for Acro that can compensate for flicker "
  • Completion of technology transfer project of "Intelligent Power Filter Single" technology transfer project
  • Completed the development of "Development of Multifunctional Power Quality Improvement Device (UPQC)"
  • Completed 3P4W APF design technology and topology development
  • Completed the development of Intelligent Var Compensator for the technology development project
  • Development of Active Harmonic Filter (Active Power Filter) design technology
  • Developed Advanced Broadband Harmonic Filter design technology
  • Completed development of inverter output sine wave filter (L-C Complex Filter) design technology
  • Development of Hybrid Harmonic Filter Design Technology
  • Developed "6600V 2MVA Inverter" for Korea Energy Management Corporation
  • Completed development of inverter-specific harmonic filter (Broad Band Harmonic Filter) design technology
  • Development of design technology of neutral sequence filter for Zero Sequence Filter
  • Developed 3rd harmonic filter design technology for computer

Other research