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The loads of large welders, cranes, and adjustable speed motors cause a large fluctuation of reactive power, triggering voltage drop and flicker of system and negatively influencing the electric equipment and control equipment of distribution system. The intelligent reactive power compensator IVC compensates the reactive power of loads in real time with the uses of DSP and power electronic device. In this way, it can stabilize voltage, reduce flicker, lower a process defect rate through the improvement in welding quality, and increase an allowance rate of equipment through the rise in power factor.

Product Features

  • Acquired patent
    • Patent no. 0435620, Linear 3 phases 4 wires reactive power compensator

    High response speed: within 10ms Prevention of voltage drop and flicker TRANSIENT FREE No switching transient Energy saving, electronic equipment protection Protection of switching devices and capacitors, extension of lifespan Easy capacity expansion through the simple addition of a module

    Phase-unbalanced current improvement (optional)
    • Clear display on TFT Color LCD
    • Front display supporting Korean, English, and Chinese languages
    • SD memory for automatically saving the power quality of power and load sides
    • TCP/IP & RS485 based MODBUS communications
  • Product Features
    Application loads Irregular reactive power and flicker loads of welder, arc furnace, crane, etc.
    Application systems 3P3W/3P4W, 380~440V, 25~1200kVAr, 50/60Hz
    Application places Ironworks, chemical factory, metal factory, harbor, factory

Touch Screen Display

Note) Product specifications can be changed depending on the circumstances of the company

Product Principles

IVC Single Line Diagram and Reactive Power Compensation Current Waveform

Installation Effects

  • Minimum transient in operation through the Thyristor based zero-voltage control
  • Average 98% power factor of transformer secondary terminal
  • 30% reduction in average current
  • 30% available capacity of transformer
  • Minimum voltage flicker through the real-time reactive power solution even in high and simultaneous loads

Product Specification

제품 사양서
Category IVC
No. of phases Three phases three wires
Rated current 25kVA~1200kVA
Nominal voltage 208~480V ±10%
Nominal frequency 50/ 60Hz ±5%
system CT 3CT, secondary 5A, Class 1 or less, 15VA or more
Detuned/Tuned reactor 6% or 13% / optional
Power factor -
Communications/programming MODBUS RTU communication, RS-485, TCP/IP
Response speed <10ms
Heat dissipation type Forced air cooling
Color MUNSEL No. 5Y 7/1 (All colors available in discussion)
Operation temperature -10°~50°C Continuous
Relative humidity 0~95% in the condition of no moisture condensation
IP rating IP20
Power consumption 3% or less of rating