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With the development of power electronic control technology, there have been more demands for high-quality power supply. High-capacity nonlinear loads of inverter, rectifier, welder, converter, and arc furnace generate harmonics and reactive power, causing voltage distortion and flicker. The diagnosis & analysis, simulation, and construction based on practical experiences make it possible to bring about the optimal engineering results.

Engineering Analysis Areas

  • Power quality analysis, harmonic analysis, suggestion of measures, calculation of return-on-investment
  • Harmonic filter design (Single tuned, High Pass) for transformer, (high-voltage) switch, controller, etc.
  • Transmission System Study, Load Flow, Harmonic Current Flow, Transient Study
  • Power System Engineering

Engineering Procedure

  • 01

    Survey plan

  • 02

    Consultation by visit

  • 03

    Measurement of power quality

  • 04

    Analysis of problems

  • 05

    Data analysis simulation

  • 06

    Suggestion of measures

Engineering Analysis TOOL



Engineering Analysis Tool

    • Power quality diagnosis & engineering of TNB AMPANG Substation, Malaysia
    • Power quality diagnosis & engineering of Sumatra Power Administration Substation, Indonesia
    • Power quality diagnosis of Liaoning Wind Power Complex, China
    • Power system engineering of the power device at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
    • Power quality analysis for stabilizing KSTAR power system
    • Power quality diagnosis of Dubai SHUWEIHAT S2
    • Power quality diagnosis & engineering of the mini mill at Gwangyang Steel Mill
    • Power quality diagnosis & system simulation analysis of the Chinese factory of Korea Zinc