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The intelligent active filter (IPF) was developed for the purpose of solving the problem that the power quality of systems is lowered by harmonics caused by unspecified multiple nonlinear loads. In particular, it monitors three-phase or single-phase nonlinear loads of IT server, Data Bank, UPS, Inverter, fluorescent light, office PCs, and home appliance, and instantaneously controls their harmonics, power factors, and imbalance so as to prevent malfunction of main devices. Also, it prevents the overcurrent and overheating of transformers and distribution lines, energy loss, and inductive disturbance of communications. As an ideal filter device that has no resonance phenomenon with systems, the product makes it possible to keep the best quality of electricity that meets the standards of IEEE std.519.

Product Features

  • Acquired patents and certificates
    • Patent no. 0459000, Three-phase four-wire active power filter control device
    • New Excellent Product Certification NEP-MKE-2009-016, digital Three-phase four-wire active power filter (Mar. 25, 2009 to Mar. 24, 2015)
    • Excellent Procurement Product no. 2010047, Active harmonic filter (Jun. 29, 2013 to Jun. 28, 2015)
    • CE Certification F6090501, Active harmonic filter
    • Patent no. 10-1661086, Individual order of harmonic current detection algorithm of Active power filter
    • Patent no. 10-1893704, Detect algorithm of inter-harmonic current in Active power filter controller
    The satisfied specification of harmonic current distortion limits
    • The satisfied specification of KEPCO and IEEE std.519, AS-2279, and BS G5/4
    System parallel facility and simple maintenance
    Implementation of DQ conversion and spatial vector control algorithm
    • Transient response, high-speed response within 1 cycle
    • Instantaneous current, 97% harmonic absorption in preload
    Adoption of 4-bridge power topology
    • No loss, extended lifespan, and reduced noise through the direct current compensation for neutral conductor
    • In case of 3 Leg Type, short lifespan of DC capacitor, noise, and high heat due to the compensation current flowing through DC capacitor, neutral conductor, and Grid
  • DSP adoption
    • Digital type, improvement in reliability, implementation of the latest control algorithm
  • Real-time voltage & current monitoring through the adoption of GLCD
    • Display in Korea, English, and Chinese
    • TCP/IP and RS485 based MODBUS communications
    • Filter start and stop, failure recognition
    • Measurement and analysis of the variables related to power factor, power, line current and filter current, and voltage
  • Protection monitoring system screen
    • Monitoring the state of set items before and after failure, and logging data
  • Excellent reliability
    • Low power use, design of hardware with optimal heat efficiency
  • MODBUS communications
    • Modbus RTU, RS-485, TCP/IP

Touch Screen Display

Note) Product specifications can be changed depending on the circumstances of the company.

Product Principles

Installation Effects

    • 99% management of all the leading and lagging areas
    • Satisfaction within ITDD 5%
    • Prevention of flicker phenomenon, surge control
    • 20-40% reduction in line current loss
    • 3-8% power saving
    • Prevention of damage and capacity reduction caused by transformer overheating
    • Prevention of inductive disturbance in communication lines by the induction phenomenon of harmonic current
    • Prevention of reactor/capacitor damage by harmonics
    • Prevention of trip by the troubled circuit breaker or fuse
    • Prevention of malfunction of precision and protective devices by harmonics
    • Prevention of device damage by surge or overvoltage of system
    • Neutral harmonic current compensation
    • Zero-sequence harmonic current reduction
  • THD-I1 30.21% THD-I2 34.22%
    THD-I3 29.74% THD-I4 97.12%

  • THD-I1 0.77% THD-I2 1.38%
    THD-I3 1.30% THD-I4 6.99%

Product Specification

게시판 리스트
Category IPF IPFH
No. of phases Three phases three wires / Three phases four wires
Rated current 100A~800A 35A~400A
Nominal voltage 208~480V ±10%
Nominal frequency 50/60Hz ±5%
System CT 3CT, for secondary, 5A Class 1 or less, 15VA or more
Individual harmonic order Within IPF3 50, 20 selectively individual order compensation
Within IPF4 50, 15 selectively individual order compensation
Within 50, 15 selectively individual order compensation
Harmonic reduction rate Max 97%
Power factor >±0.6 compensation
Communications/programming MODBUS RTU communication, RS-485, TCP/IP
Response speed <0.1ms immediately, <20ms (10→90%) filtering
Weight Appr. 800kg~900kg Appr. 20kg~60kg
Heat dissipation type Forced air cooling
Color Munsel No. 5Y 7/1 (All colors available in discussion)
Operation temperature -10℃~50℃, continuous
Relative humidity 0~95%, in the condition of no moisture condensation
IP rating IP21 IP20
Power consumption 3% or less of rating