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SVC stands for Static Var Compensator, meaning a static reactive power compensator. It is mainly applied to high-capacity loads, such as the load of electric arc furnace and the load of rolling mill. SVC has the form of building blocks from tens MVAr to hundreds MVAr. It consists of Thyristor Control Reactor Bank (TCR) and Fixed Harmonic Filter (passive filter).
The standard name of the system, which compensates reactive power of low-voltage motor and heating system in combination of thyristor switch, capacitor for power factor improvement, and series reactor, is Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC). Since some domestic small firms use TSC as their product name, there is confusion about the term. The accurate name of SVC used in power electronics engineering represents “static reactive power compensator” to control flicker of high-capacity loads like arc furnace load. Therefore, it is necessary to use the term correctly.

Loads of electric arc furnace, rolling mill, and large crane generate very large and irregular reactive power fluctuation, voltage fluctuation, and flicker. As a result, it is possible to lower productivity, waste energy, reduce system reliability, and therefore accelerate thermal degradation of electric equipment.
SVC calculates the fluctuation amount of leading or lagging reactive power in real time, and compensates it within several msec so as to compensate flicker and stabilize the power quality of system.

Product Principles

Installation Effects

  • Voltage fluctuation improvement in distribution system
  • Power factor improvement
  • System harmonic improvement
  • Flicker control
  • Productivity improvement, energy saving, reliability improvement in electric equipment reliability, extension of lifespan
  • Before improvement

  • After improvement


Voltage range 3.3kV ~ 33kV, (154KV Class Step up transformer Adoption)
Capacity range 10MVAr ~ 200MVAr

Construction performance (Main customers)