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With the development of the power electronics based advanced technology, industrial high loads of inverters, rectifiers, welders, converters, and arc furnaces work as harmonic sources. In the circumstance, the power quality issue of power transmission and distribution lines arises. Therefore, to prevent accidents and operate power reasonably through flicker prevention in system and harmonic current absorption, KEPCO manages systems according to allowable harmonic limits (VTHD 3% or less for the system with 66kV and lower and VTHD 1.5% or less for the system with 154kV and higher).
Problems of harmonic

Harmonics generated by nonlinear loads can give a fatal impact on other power equipment when flowing in the whole power system.

    • Instability of control system
    • Power loss of distribution lines
    • Voltage induced inverter lifespan reduction and internal failure
    • Malfunction of precision controllers
    • Overload of rotary device and malfunction of circuit breaker
    • Motor, transformer, and cable overheating
    • Shortened lifespan of transformer and reduced rated capacity
    • Overcurrent flow in capacitor and noise occurrence
  • Thyristor control device
  • Rectifier based electrolyzer in chemical factory
  • Pulp and paper process
  • Steelmaking arc furnace
  • Rectifier based electrolyzer in chemical factory
  • Nonlinear loads like rotary device

Product Principles

Installation Effects

Power factor improvement and energy saving

  • Voltage improvement
  • System capacity increase
  • Power rate reduction
  • System loss reduction
  • Productivity improvement
  • (VTHD 7.61% before installation)

  • (VTHD 2.3% after installation)

Construction Performance (Main Customers)

Harmonic Filter Design Procedure

  • 01

    Data collection (system conditions, harmonic spectrum, THD limits)

  • 02

    System impedance calculation and filter order decision

  • 03

    Harmonic load flow calculation

  • 04


  • 05

    Abnormal system resonance and possible harmonic expansion check

  • 06

    Harmonic filter design

  • 07

    Installation test-operation

  • 08

    Evaluation report

Product Specification

게시판 리스트
Category Description Remark
Filter bank capacity 60[MVAr]max Contact us in case of 60MVAr or more
High Pass 2nd 100Hz / 120Hz 50Hz/60Hz
3nd 150Hz / 180Hz
4nd 200Hz / 240Hz
5nd 250Hz / 300Hz
6nd 300Hz / 360Hz
7nd 350Hz / 420Hz
11nd 550Hz / 660Hz
13nd 650Hz / 780Hz
Frequency High Pass
Voltage 50Hz, 60Hz
Connection 3.3 kV ~154Kv, 1P short-term capacitor, 3P Y-connection
Protection type Open delta 22.9kV Class
Voltage difference 22.9kV Class
Neutral current detection 3.3kV ~ 154kV
Neutral voltage detection 3.3kV/6.6kV, 154kV
Fuse outer-mount (recommended), Fuse built-in
Filter capacitor 0.1uF ~ 100uF 750kVAr max,
1P bushing in 3P Y-connection
135% of the rated RMS currents
110% of the rated RMS voltages
Oil filled
IEC std. 60871 Series
Filter reactor 0.01mH ~ 200mH 200kVA max
135% of the rated RMS currents
110% of the rated RMS voltages
Oil filled, air core,
Air-core based magnetic shielding (recommended)
IEC std. 60289

※ Rated voltage 220V and 440V products are provided. A product size can be different depending on an installation location or condition. Therefore, please make sure to check it before placing an order.
※ Parts can also be supplied. Therefore, it is possible to install them in existing or new panel.