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Intelligent Static Var Compensator with Generator (SVG) is a third-generation intelligent reactive power compensator that overcomes the disadvantages of APFR (mechanical reactive power generator) and SVC (electronic reactive power generator).
The intelligent reactive power generator (SVG) analyzes the reactive power and harmonics generated by loads in real time with the uses of DSP and IGBT and compensates the optimal reactive current and harmonic current necessary for power quality improvement, in order to stabilize system voltage, reduce flicker, improve productivity, and increase an allowance rate of equipment through the rise in power factor.

Product Features

  • Successful reactive power and harmonic compensation Phase-unbalanced current improvement Leading & lagging reactive power compensation Harmonic compensation capacity setting (30% of rated capacity) Highly accurate Multi-DSP control RS-485, TCP/IP port, MODBUS RTU communication protocol, computer remote monitoring Digital control, LCD Touch Display Multiple protection, advanced safety based on thorough thermal design, secured reliability High response speed: within 5ms Self-diagnosis and Event Log record functions Easy installation and maintenance Selection of detection method: Close Loop or Open Loop Energy saving, electronic equipment protection

Product Principles

Compensation comparison between IVC and SVG

  • IVC : Capacitor step compensation

  • SVG : Reactive power (linear) compensation

Installation Effects

Keeping the voltage at receiving end and enhancing system voltage stability
  • SVG has the ability to control reactive voltage fast, can compensate inductive and capacity reactive power quickly in order to stabilize system voltage.
Line loss reduction through reactive power compensation, energy saving, and social cost reduction
  • When reactive power is compensated by SVG, it is possible to lower apparent power, increase allowance rates of transformer and cable, extend lifespan, and lower installation and maintenance costs.
Voltage fluctuation and flicker control
  • SVG can quickly compensate reactive current to reduce voltage fluctuation and flicker.
  • SVG is the most ideal solution to control voltage fluctuation and flicker.
Harmonic compensation
  • SVG can compensate harmonics, and the maximum compensation capacity is 30% of equipment rating.
Three-phase imbalance control
  • Three-phase imbalance occurs due to single phase load use and imbalance of individual loads.
  • SVG quickly compensates unbalanced current generated by unbalanced loads, and makes three-phase current balanced so as to greatly improve the quality of power supply.

제품 사양서

Product Specification
Category SVG
No. of phases Three phases three wires
Rated current 100A~400A
Nominal voltage 208~480V ±10%
Nominal frequency 50/ 60Hz ±5%
System CT 3CT, for secondary, 5A Class 1 or less, 15VA or more
Detuned/Tuned reactor 6% or 13% / optional
Power factor -
Communications/programming MODBUS RTU communication, RS-485, TCP/IP
Response speed <10ms
Heat dissipation type Forced air cooling
Color MUNSEL No. 5Y 7/1 (All colors available in discussion)
Operation temperature -10°~50°C Continuous
Relative humidity 0~95% in the condition of no moisture condensation
IP rating IP20
Power consumption 3% or less of rating