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IVC - Intelligent Var Compensator (

var compensator

var compensator

The rapid growth of non-linear loads, such as large capacity welding machines, cranes, and adjustable speed drives(ASDs), draws a large reactive power from the source supply and results in high voltage fluctuation and flicker in the system, which has an adverse effect on electric and control unit of the system IVC (Intelligent Var Compensator) and compensates for the reactive power drawn by the load from the power system. IVC is a DSP-based controlled power electronics system that compensates reactive power in real-time, stabilizes the voltage, and reduces the flicker and power factor improvement.

var compensator01

Patent No.0435620 as 3 phase 4-wire reactive power compensation system with linear response characteristics
Response time : 5~16ms
Prevention of the flicker
Transient free
Free from excessive switching phenomenon
Energy efficiency improvement Electronic devices protection
Switching devices and condenser protection Life cycle expansion of the equipments
Easy to expand the capacity; simple addition of module to expand the capacity
Harmonic filter function (optional)
Load balancing (optional)

Irregular reactive power-generating load and flicker generating loads, such as welding machine, adjustable speed drives, crane, etc..

System ratings
380V/440V, 30~1800kVAR, rated frequency 50/60Hz, rated circuit 3P3W/3P4W

Application areas
Steel plant, chemical plant, shipbuilding yard (dockyard), commercial plant

Principle of Operation of intelligent reactive power compensator(IVC)

Zero voltage control through thyristor, minimizing excessive phenomenon.
Applicable to short-time load based on rapid response control, such as welding machine and lifts
Harmonic wave filter function(optional)

Power factor on the secondary side of transformer is kept at 98% on the average
Average current is reduced by 30%
Allowance capacity of transformer is kept at 30%
Reactive power is resolved in real time, minimizing the voltage flicker, no matter how high the simultaneous performance rate of load is

Dimensions of IVC

Output (kVAR)
Step (kVAR)
Outer dimensions (mm)
IVC 38090 90 30 1:1:1 800 800 2000
IVC 38120 120 30 1:1:1:1 800 800 2000
IVC 38150 150 30 1:2:2 800 800 2000
IVC 38180 180 60 1:1:1 800 800 2000
IVC 38210 210 30 1:2:2:2 800 800 2000
IVC 38240 240 60 1:1:1:1 800 800 2000
IVC 38250 250 50 1:2:2 800 800 2000
IVC 38270 270 30 1:2:2:4 800 800 2000
IVC 38300 300 100 1:1:1 800 800 2000
IVC 38350 350 50 1:2:2:2 1600 800 2000
IVC 38400 400 100 1:1:1:1 1600 800 2000

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