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SPC - Smart Power Conditioner (

single phase harmonic filter

single phase harmonic filter

The increase in nonlinear loads such as computer servers, power supplies, and electronic ballasts results in a variety of undesirable phenomena in the operation of power systems. The most important among these are harmonic contamination, voltage distortion, and power system voltage fluctuations. Harmonic voltage components cause rebooting, power system losses, errors, excessive heating of the machine, and can create significant interference on the communication line. The SPC can monitor and control the active condition of single phase nonlinear loads like a data bank, UPS, and IT server in real-time. Therefore, the SPC can keep up the best power quality of the network that corresponds to a limitation of IEEE Std. 519, AS-2279, EN61000-3-4 and BS G5/4.

Patent No.0766718 as Single Phase active power filter control device for single phase nonlinear loads
Meet IEEE Std.519-1992
Solve Power Quality Problems
Parallel connection allows easy retrofit for large system
Eliminate neutral zero sequence harmonic current
Modular unit and rack mount expansion

Solve a power quality problem
    - Reduction of harmonic distortion
    - Reduction of peak line current
    - Reduction of loss of distribution line
    - Prevents overheating in neutral line
    - Prevents interference, loss of data in information transmission equipment
    - Prevents damage to power sensitive user equipment

Prevents misoperation of breaker
Guarantee safety of power system and reduce cost
Easy to expand the capacity; simple addition of module to expand the capacity
Compact Design and monitoring power quality
Selective control for harmonics

Computer server, SMPS, Inverter, UPS, IT equipment etc.

Three phase four wire, Single phase 120V~400V, 30A300A.

Large computer server center, Data bank, Office, Apartment, Airport, Hospital etc.

The SPC is single-phase active power filter, which is, applied statistical operation and method of injection current by using DSP. SPC is composed of breaker, power fuse, surge protection circuit, sinusoid filter, capacitor and DSP controller. DSP controller is monitoring a power of non-linear load in real time, estimates the load current harmonics, then using IGBT switching devices injects same harmonic current with perfect phase opposition into the power system. After SPC filter in operation, the voltage and current waveforms of power system become pure sine wave.

single phase harmonic filter01

Operation near unity power factor
ITDD less than 5%
Elimination of the neutral zero sequence harmonic current
Prevention of the flicker and surge
Prevention of the misoperations of server and UPS
Prevention of the heating and damage of neutral cable
Prevention of the damage to breaker, fuse, reactor, capacitor
Sensitive equipment protection against noise
Increasing the capability of the transformers
Reduction of the system loss
Minimizing the interference with other equipment

Dimensions of SPC

Type SPC 15 SPC 30
Rating Current(A) 15 30

Unfiltered Source Current

single phase harmonic filter02

Power Voltage. Current
Freq 59.988Hz
P1 24.28kW U1 224.39V I1 128.74A
S1 28.89kVA THD-U1 7.08% THD-I1 53.74%
Q1 -15.64kvar Upk+1 295.90V Ipk+1 0.2677kA
PF1 -0.8407 Upk-1 -295.61V Ipk-1 -0.2669kA
KF1 5.67

Filtered Source Current

single phase harmonic filter03

Power Voltage. Current
Freq 59.955Hz
P1 25.00kW U1 226.07V I1 111.53A
S1 25.21kVA THD-U1 4.07% THD-I1 4.29%
Q1 -3.28kvar Upk+1 306.36V Ipk+1 0.1621kA
PF1 -0.9915 Upk-1 -306.43V Ipk-1 -0.1594kA
KF1 1.40

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