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HHF - Hybrid Harmonic Filter (

passive harmonic filter

passive harmonic filter

Low voltage 3P nonlinear loads

Applicable Loads
Inverter, UPS, Elevator, AC/DC motor drive, Diode/SCR Rectifier, Induction heater, DC power supply, HVAC system, Fan and Pumps etc.

Applicable Locations
Office/Commercial building, School, Shopping Mall, Department store, Apartment, Hospital, Factory etc

Meet IEEE Std.519-1992

The HHF enable most three phase non-linear load to comply with both the voltage and current distortion limits of IEEE Std.519-1992 and other international limits such as AS-2279, EN61000-3-4, and BS G5/4.

Solve Power Quality Problems

Protect loss and reduce capacity effected by harmonic current at transformer.
Protect heating and loss of line cable that is effected by harmonic current.
Protect burning of reactor and capacitor by harmonic current injection.
Improve power factor and reduce system loss.
Minimize interference with other equipment.
Improve system voltage/current waveform.
Prevent nuisance tripping of fuse and circuit breakers which can result from the presence of harmonics.

System analysis is not required
The HHF will not make system resonance condition or import harmonics from other sources if applied correctly for applicable load.

Broad band reduction of harmonics
Differ from other classical passive filter that can reduce only designed order harmonic, the HHF can achieve broad band attenuation of all harmonic order with maximizing the reduction of 5th harmonic.

Solve the problem of system resonance
Differ from other passive filter that will have possibility of system resonance, the HHF can improve system stability without system resonance and amplification of specific harmonic within the system conditions and ratings specified.

Prevent import harmonic
The HHF can prevent import harmonic from other harmonic sources.
Therefore, the HHF can provide safe operation of load even though the load that has the HHF will operate in the bad power quality system.

Minimize losses
The HHF can be kept the minimum of power loss less than 0.5% of the connected load.

Low capacitance
Comparing with the classical broad band harmonic filter, the HHF have only 30% of capacitance with better filtering. Less capacitance can minimize leading current at light loading condition.

Patent No.0383791 as Hybrid Harmonic Filter
Qualified as Excellent Product by the ministry of commerce, industry and energy
Compact and easy-to-install.
Quite operation and proper ventilation.
Standardized up to 1000HP (based on load capacity)
Special voltage available upon request.

Loading condition VS. Power Factor
The HHF is carefully designed to achieve power factor nearly 1.0 at 100% loading condition. Therefore, at light loading condition, the power factor of the HHF is alwaysleading. In some case this leading power factor may help to improve the overall facility power factor.

passive harmonic filter01

Loading condition VS. ITHD
Overall ITHD of HHF can have safe filtering characteristic, even though ITHD at light loading condition increase 2~3%.

passive harmonic filter02

Select Hybrid Harmonic Filters based on the horse- power (or kilowatt) rating of the connected three phase non-linear load.

HP kW Rating
3 2.3 HHF38003 350 500 500 1
5 3.8 HHF38005 350 500 500 1
10 7.5 HHF38010 500 800 1000 1
20 15 HHF38020 600 1000 1200 1
40 30 HHF38040 600 1200 1600 2
60 45 HHF38060 800 1400 1600 2
100 75 HHF38100 800 1500 1600 2
200 150 HHF38200 900 1500 2350 2
300 225 HHF38300 1100 1500 2350 2
400 300 HHF38400 1100 1500 2350 2
600 450 HHF38600 1300 1500 2350 2
800 600 HHF38800 1500 1500 2350 2
1000 750 HHF381000 1700 1500 2350 2

Table 1. Selection Table of HHF (Rated voltage: 380V)

220V and 440V also available.
W = Width, D = Depth, H = Height
All weight and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

passive harmonic filter03

Step1. Find non-linear loads for HHF
Find three phase non-linear loads at a site.
Step2. Get the load information
Get the non-linear load information such as rated voltage , horse-power (or kilowatt), power factor, loading condition.
Step3. Choose the rating of HHF at Table 1
Choose the proper rating of ZSF at Table 1 based on the horse-power (or kilowatt).

passive harmonic filter04

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