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SSC - Smart Sag Compensator (

dynamic voltage restorer

dynamic voltage restorer

The SSCs are cutting-edge technology products developed to keep power supply in optimum condition. In real-time, the SSCs monitor and control the power supply of single-phase precise load of servers, automation equipments, medical equipments, semiconductor equipment, etc. SSC can be used to prevent from rebooting, data loss, and malfunction of the equipments due to voltage sag/swell and momentary power failure.

Patent Application : Single line dynamic voltage restorer (Application 10-2007-0076102)
Voltage restoration(within 2ms)
Automatic uninterruptible bypass circuit using thyristor
Mass storage super capacitor
Sinusoidal output
High efficiency
Excellent reliability
Mass storage and minimization using super capacitor
Sine wave with IGBT
Compact Design

Solution for power supply quality

    - Reliability improvement
    - Prevention of the malfunctions due to voltage sag and/or momentary power failure.
    - Protection of the major electronic equipments sensitive to noise.

Use of DSP

    - Digital type, reliability improvement, latest algorithms
    - Improved switching time and restoration speed
    - Real-time control
    - Real-time monitoring of voltage and current with LCD
    - Recording of event history such as sag, swell, dip, etc.
    - Real-time check of occurrence frequency and system condition

Computers, IT equipments, servers, automation equipments, medical equipments, semiconductor process.

Single Phase, 100~120V / 200~240V.

Semiconductor Plant, Data Bank, Office, Medical Center, Airport, Apartment, Factory etc.

10 Cycle Short Interruption

dynamic voltage restorer01

The voltage restorer is an equipment that employs PWM sinusoidal wave producing method using IGBT and the realtime monitoring of system voltage using DSP controller. The core portion of the equipment is composed of the super capacitor which stores energy, the thyristor bypass for switching of the system and load in case of power deterioration, the IGBT stack which produces sinusoidal wave voltage, the DSP for realtime control, and power circuit. Voltage quality of the system is monitored in realtime. Normally, system power is supplied through thyristor bypass. In case of an accident, power source and load are switched immediately, IGBT stack produces sinusoidal wave while the load side keeps an optimum power condition.

dynamic voltage restorer02

Dimensions of SSC

Type Rating
Outer Dimensions[mm]D  
SSC 30 30 430 500 200
SSC 50 50 430 500 250
SSC 100 100 430 500 280

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