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IPF3 - Intelligent Power Quality Filter 3Phase 3Wire (

active harmonic filter

active harmonic filter

Harmonic distortion and power Quality

The proliferation of nonlinear loads such as static power converters and arc furnaces results in variety of undesirable phenomena in the operation of power systems. The most important among these are harmonic contamination, increased reactive power demand and power system voltage fluctuations. Harmonic currents increase power systems losses, excessive heating in rotating machinery, can create significant interference with the power line communication. The harmonics are a growing problem for both electricity suppliers and consumers.

Problems cause by harmonics

Malfunction of precision control
Capacitor overloading and failures
High current in neutral conductorsl
Excitation of network resonancel
Damage to sensitive equipment
Overheating of transformer, motor and cables
Frequent tripping of circuit breakers

Intelligent Power Quality Filter (IPF)

PQ Tech offers a compact, cost-effective, and completely integrated system solution for the growing number of applications. The IPF offers the ability to eliminate the network harmonics from the supply source.

Patent No.0459000 as a Three Phase fourwire active power filter control device
CE No.F690501/SP-IMS000494 as active harmonic filter
Following IEEE Std.519-1992
Solution against Power Quality Problems
Parallel connection allowing easy retrofit for large systems
Curtailment of maintenance fee


Selectable harmonic compensation
Intelligent harmonic current prediction
Filtering up to 50th Harmonic
Harmonic attenuation factor around 98%
Easy commissioning
Reactive power compensation
Phase/Load balancing
Power factor control
Not required any special current transformers
User-friendly Graphical User Interface with LCD
Remote-based control of MMI Interface with graphical-based environment
RS232 communication compatible
Fault and event logging in real-time
Advanced Modulation technology to reduce ultra-low harmonic distortion

To Compensate Load Harmonics supplied by a source, IPF is connected to grid system.

active harmonic filter01

Unfiltered Source Current

active harmonic filter02

Power Voltage. Current
Freq 60.001Hz
P1 9.286kW U1 211.65V I1 52.92A
P2 9.281kW U2 212.65V I2 52.68A
P3 9.450kW U3 212.45V I3 53.39A
Psum 28.02kW THD-U1 3.90% THD-I1 29.59%
S1 11.200kVA THD-U2 3.97% THD-I2 29.85%
S2 11.203kVA THD-U3 3.91% THD-I3 29.82%
S3 11.342kVA Upk+1 0.3106kV Ipk+1 83.89A
Ssum 33.75kVA Upk+2 0.3127kV Ipk+2 83.49A
Q1 6.261kvar Upk+3 0.3109kV Ipk+3 85.42A
Q2 6.275kvar Upk-1 -0.3101kV Ipk-1 -83.91A
Q3 6.273kvar Upk-2 -0.3129kV Ipk-2 -83.51A
Qsum 18.81kvar Upk-3 -0.3113kV Ipk-3 -85.20A
PF1 0.8291 Uave 212.25V KF1 4.06
PF2 0.8284 Uunb 0.28% KF2 4.11
PF3 0.8331 KF3 4.12
PFsum 0.8302 lave 53.00A
lunb 0.46%

Filter Running
Filtered Source Current

active harmonic filter03

Power Voltage. Current
P1 9.548kW U1 214.13V I1 44.69A
P2 9.749kW U2 215.04V I2 45.47A
P3 9.805kW U3 215.00V I3 45.69A
Psum 29.10kW THD-U1 1.92% THD-I1 2.80%
S1 9.570kVA THD-U2 1.83% THD-I2 3.97%
S2 9.777kVA THD-U3 1.56% THD-I3 4.46%
S3 9.824kVA Upk+1 0.3152kV Ipk+1 63.59A
Ssum 29.17kVA Upk+2 0.3200kV Ipk+2 65.04A
Q1 -0.656kvar Upk+3 0.3175kV Ipk+3 67.34A
Q2 -0.749kvar Upk-1 -0.3148kV Ipk-1 -63.67A
Q3 -0.603kvar Upk-2 -0.3196kV Ipk-2 -68.77A
Qsum -2.01kvar Upk-3 -0.3167kV Ipk-3 -68.77A
PF1 -0.9976 Uave 214.72V KF1 1.08
PF2 -0.9971 Uunb 0.25% KF2 1.09
PF3 -0.9981 KF3 1.08
PFsum -0.9976 lave 45.28A
lunb 1.53%

Operator can control and view the operation of IPF with user-friendly graphical interface on LCD of IPF Panel.

Keypad interface to configure IPF filter
Monitoring of filter behavior and components
Measurements of system variables
Event log recording
Network status monitoring
Protection from malfunction
Parameter settings and operator settings
Waveforms in graphical display

Remote control from PC (Personal Computer)
Windows-based graphical user interface
High functionality
Same menu structure as key pad interface with some additional features

active harmonic filter04

Dimensions of IPF

Type Rating
Outer Dimensions[mm]D  
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 70 70 800 800 2250
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 100 100 800 800 2250
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 150 150 800 800 2250
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 200 200 800 800 2250
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 300 300 1600 800 2250
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 400 400 1600 800 2250
IPF3 - ⌈⌈ 600 600 2400 800 2250

Note - Higher capacity can be available with parallel configuration dimensions that can be changed without notice.
⌈⌈ - Voltage ratings, ex : 380 V-38, 440 V- 44

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